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The Boxball-Hitch is a patent pending and protected transition hitch adapter with the added advantage of having a "Universial" hitch that fits 1 7/8" 50mm and 2" ball lugs. The hitch adapter is easily attached to the eyelet connecting point on any towed equipment or trailers extending the drawbar with a ball hitch connector enabling the towed equipment or trailer to be towed safely by a vehicle with a towing ball lug.

The Boxball-Hitch comes supplied with three different sized top hat bushes which cover the majority of eyelet connection points. Simply select the top-hat bush most suited to the size of the eyelet connecting point insert inverted to the eyelet and connect the hitch adapter using the connection pin tighten the locking thumb screws to lock the adapter in place and you’re ready to go. "No tools required"?

Once connected using the correct fitting top-hat bush the hitch adapter becomes a sturdy extension to the equipment drawbar with the benefit of a ball hitch connector allowing this to be towed by a vehicle with a standard ball lug.


Vehicle emergency kit

We all carry emergency kits within our vehicle such as spare wheel, jack and wheel wrench, towing eye to attach to the front of your vehicle should we break down or get a puncture.

If you’re a person who regularly or occasionally tows a caravan trailer or any other equipment etc. than you too would benefit from carrying the Boxball-Hitch within your vehicle as part of your vehicle’s emergency kit

The Boxball hitch comes with its own carry bag which contains 3 eyelet reducing top-hat bushes a connection pin and spring pin lock, addition bush spacers along with a  fitting chart which easily explains via illustration how to fit.

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