Development & Trials


Coming from an engineering background my initial thoughts were if I could develop an attachment with a ball hitch connector that could be attached to the eyelet connecting point on the equipment drawbar I could crack the problem. 

After mulling this over for a few days and undertaking a lot of research on the internet looking for ways or adapters of which I found “none” that didn’t need to make mechanical alterations to the vehicles towing arrangements via fitting of a dual jaw/ball lug.


I developed the Boxball-Hitch “transition hitch adapter” over the following weeks and designed a prototype below top which I had fabricated at local engineering company. 

After trying out the hitch adapter on numerous items of plant including trailers, compressors, water bowsers and towed rollers, tweaks were made here and there and components parts sourced with the finished product now ready for mass production and sales as below bottom.

Initial Prototype stage 1
Initial Prototype stage 1 connected
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