Development Boxball-Hitch


Why the development of the Boxball-Hitch

During the Autumn of 2016 I was undertaking some building and repair works at the stables where we keep our horses, and had arranged for a couple of friends to help me with the works which required the breaking up of a section of concrete yard.

The above works were planned to take place over a weekend where I had made the arrangements with my friends to turn up at the stables and stated that I would pick up a compressor and breakers from the local plant hire yard to enable them to undertake the works.

After I hired the compressor and breakers from plant hire company I went with my own car to pick these up?

Only to find when I got there that the drawbar on the compressor had an eyelet connecting point rather than a ball hitch which was required to attach to the ball lug on my car, these being generally towed by a vehicle with a jaw and pin towing arrangement.

With no way of transporting the compressor legally I had to cancel the hire and rearrange this to be delivered the following weekend.  Not only had I lost the opportunity to undertake the planned work?  I also had to cover the costs of delivery and collection the following week along with payment to the guys I had arranged to help me.

Not a good start to the weekend all what I had planned now had to be rearranged for the following weekend where hopefully the weather would hold out. Not only had I had an aborted trip into town but the planned works had now doubled in costs due to the rescheduling of the work.


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