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Have you ever been in the situation where you have gone to pick up a piece of equipment or a trailer only to find out on arrival that the equipment or trailer has a drawbar with an eyelet connecting point whereas your vehicle only has a ball lug connector .

Me Too

Although you may be able to fit the draw-bar eye-let over the ball lug on the vehicle you intend to tow with this would be illegal when towing on a public highway.

Not only could you lose the towed appliance when your travelling over uneven or potholed roads you could also find yourself with a hefty fine and penalty point on your  licence?

Worse still should the towed equipment come loose and cause an accident to other road users you could find yourself facing a driving ban and a lengthy prison sentence.  “Is it worth it”.

You would probably have to abandon the proposed towing at considerable inconvenience/ expense and make further arrangements for either delivery or re-collection .


Boxball Hitch road legal and easily fitted with no tools  required and carried in the boot of your vehicle as a towing accessory for such situations/ emergencies 


Supplied by Whitby Products Ltd

BOXBALL-HITCH is a unique and patent pending drawbar adapter that allows towed equipment/ trailers with a eyelet connecting point to be towed by a vehicle with a standard ball lug connector.

The Boxball-Hitch “transition hitch/ adapter” includes 3 eyelet reducing top-hat bushes for different sized  eyelets. When inverted into the drawbar eyelet reduces the size of the eyelet on the towed equipment to  minimise both vertical and lateral movement when attached within the box jaw via the connecting pin and secured by the side thumb screws extending the drawbar on the towed equipment with a standard ball hitch connector.


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